How a Southern Pride Works

-Southern Pride uses fireplace-size logs to create that distinctive genuine flavor, aroma, color and texture in all of our wood burning barbecue pits and smokers.

-The primary heat source for our smokers is gas (Natural or LP). The wood, when used, supplies additional heat and imparts smoke flavor into the product. Southern Pride gas ovens are great for roasting product simply by leaving the fire box free of wood.

-The most amazing thing about all Southern Pride wood burning smokers is their simple, automatic operation. There's no guesswork, no need for constant attention, no need to turn the meat while it's cooking.

-All you do is season your product and load it in the oven. Next put 1, 2, or 3 pieces of wood (depending on what smoke profile you desire). Finally, turn the smoker on and set the temperature. Now just sit back and let your Southern Pride do all the work until your taste-tempting barbecue is ready...automatically!

-Once you have your desired product profile, you can consistently produce mouth watering BBQ, smoked meats, or roasted products 365 days a year.

-Precise temperature control and remarkably even heat distribution explain the Southern Pride success story. Our special convection air system circulates and recirculates the smoke and heat throughout the chamber, cooking every piece of meat slowly and uniformly, assuring that genuine barbecue flavor. This process increases profitability by reducing meat shrinkage.

-Our rotisserie feature self-bastes the meat to enhance flavor and texture and in conjunction with the convection air system, eliminates the need to tend and turn the meat during the cooking cycle.

-And our SubterthermicTM flue increases smoke intensity and enhances the flavor of the meat. It also increases heat efficiency, drastically reducing wood usage. You can, for example, smoke an entire load of meat by burning only two or three fireplace-size logs.

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