Commercial Smokers

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Consider that Southern Pride has three basic categories of equipment - Gas, Mobile and Electric.

These three distinct categories allow the end user to select a specific type of smoker to fit their individual needs.  Three of the most influential factors are capacity needs, kitchen space and budget.

The gas smoker series describes our most popular type of smoker. This series operates with natural or LP gas and fireplace size wood logs to cook the product. The gas impinges the wood to provide smoke. The gas fire is also the primary heat source for the oven and maintains the temperature set point selected by the operator. The amount of wood used in each cook cycle determines the level of smoke flavor. Different areas of the country are accustomed to different, regional barbecue flavor. The wood usage, from none to several logs, determines the taste and aroma of the final cooked product.

Another very valuable capability of our gas smoker series allows for different flavors to be derived from different types of cooking woods. Omitting wood usage transforms the gas smoker series into a gas fired roasting oven that expands the versatility to many other food products that can be prepared. Steam table pans can be used on the food racks to prepare liquid based items or to cook meats where the au-jus is useful for gravies or sauces.

The gas smoker series also accommodates customers that typically require larger amounts of product on a daily or per cook cycle basis. From a few hundred to a few thousand pounds of heavy cuts can be prepared on each cook cycle depending on the model selected. Heavy cuts (Pork Butts or Briskets) are commonly slow smoked overnight while lighter profile products (ribs and chickens) are typically loaded in the morning.

The mobile smokers are the same as the standard, we simply mount them to one of our trailers.  All gas smokers are offered on trailers.  The mobile smoker series describes all of the features of the gas oven features and allows the operator to take the equipment to remote locations to prepare the same products.

The electric smoker series describes our smallest smokers. They are completely electric and have wood chip compartments for imparting that genuine smoke flavor into the meat. This series operates with a omni-vection convection air system that allows for even cooking without a rotisserie. Steam is also standard in some models. Full size sheet pans can be substituted for the standard wire food racks.

As a general rule, we try to maintain a 4 week lead time for gas smokers and a 3 week lead time for electric smokers. A completion date is provided when orders are placed. Lead times can be as much as 6-8 weeks depending on the product mix and number of smokers on the schedule.

To view the library of videos of our equipment, please go to Maintenance Videos on the Southern Pride manufacturer's website.